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Spotted Getting Coffee in Soho

Chord Overstreet was spotted getting coffee with his good friend Nick in Soho, New York while they were out for the day sight seeing as they tweeted and instagramed earlier.

New Original Song!

On Chord’s new youtube page he posted one of his original songs, “Birthday Suit”. You may have heard this one before as he had sung it a couple times before, once at Ryan Cabrera’s Living Room Concert and his own show at The Roxy last summer.

Cover of Get Lucky and Last Friday Night!

Chord recently created a youtube account to showcase some covers he recently recorded! Here is the first one he posted of a mash up of “Get Lucky” by Daft Punk and “Last Friday Night” by Katy Perry!

Seen Out in New York City.

Chord was seen out taking a walk around New York City after filming wrapped on thursday afternoon. He was also seen talking to some cops in a NYPD station earlier in the day. Chord posted a video on vine, stating they were arrested for filming in Times Square, but it is unconfirmed if it was true or just a joke. We’re leaning more toward joke, if anything.


Glee Filming in NYC!

We’ve added a ton of pictures from the past few days of when Glee was filming in New York City.


Arriving into JFK Airport.

Chord Overstreet and Lea Michele were photographed leaving JFK airport this afternoon, they begin shooting scenes for Glee in the morning.




Go wish him a happy birthday and to have a wonderful day!

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